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About Us
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Our goal is to provide developers, engineers and researchers with an easy to use AI development and deployment platform. Our platform can be used in the cloud or on your infrastructure is free for developers. Our upcoming AI marketplace will have end user AI applications that will provide a monetization channel for developers, data-set providers and more from all across the world

Our mission is to help developers realize the potential of AI by providing them with next generation AI platform called Deep Learning Studio. We are addressing the problems of talent gap, complexity and talent discoverability in AI. We are lowering the barrier to entry for software developers and non-programmers by allowing them to build AI without programming. We also have an AI application marketplace in internal beta that will offer off the shelf AI solutions to business buyers all over the world. We will let talent from around the world develop these key end user AI applications and allow them to monetize through our marketplace. Our fast growing AI developer community is highly engaged and attracting AI talent from all around the world.

Deep Learning Studio is a free tool for AI developers to build, train and deploy their deep learning models. It is available as cloud and can run on your desktop machine

AI Marketplace will let AI developers & AI startups from all around the world offer the end user business AI applications. This platform will be one of its kind that will help software developers, AI developers, data-set providers monetize their work & data. Currently it is only accessible to few developers and channel partners. It may be atleast 6 months before it will be available to everyone

We have a multi-user version for organizations that want to manage the users internally and want to run our software behind their firewalls. There are no differences in functionality and we are calling it “Team Version” ( Not Enterprise Version).


Our team consists of technology experts, entrepreneurs, veteran Industry professionals, life long learners who joined together to make AI accessible to everyone. If you are interested in joining our team then send us a note at hello@demo3.deepcognition.ai

Mandeep Kumar
Mandeep KumarChief Executive Officer
Rajendra K. Singh
Rajendra K. SinghChief Technology Officer
Mahesh Kashyap
Mahesh KashyapChief Digital Officer
John Rothwell
John RothwellExecutive Advisor
Kurt Knapton
Kurt KnaptonExecutive Advisor
Dileep Kumar Singh
Dileep Kumar SinghWeb Developer
Architha Krishna
Architha Krishna Senior Software Engineer
Santosh Ray
Santosh RaySoftware Engineer
Purushothama M V
Purushothama M VTest Engineer
Amit Singh
Amit SinghOperations Manager
Rajat Gupta
Rajat GuptaTrainee Engineer (Intern)



Deep Cognition’s Announcements

Deep Cognition will be releasing Falcon TensorApp Server and TensorApp MarketPlace in Q4 2018.



  • 8330, Sterling Street, Irving, TX, USA 75063
  • +1-214-441-3517
  • hello@demo3.deepcognition.ai